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Limback Tree Services

Mastering the Art of Tree Care Excellence

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, we have dedicated ourselves to specialized tree care, maintenance, and removal services in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Our journey has spanned over 4 decades, and we’ve proudly served the local community for 13 years, earning trust with every project.

Limback tree services

Tree Care Excellence

Experience the epitome of tree care solutions, from meticulous pruning and top-tier tree trimming to effortless removals and beyond.

Dangerous & Technical Tree Removal

Tree Removal, Dangerous & Technical Tree Removal

Our team specializes in safe and precise tree removal services, ensuring the elimination of trees of any size with expert care.

Crown Reduction

Aesthetic Pruning, Crown Reduction, and Trimming

Our specialists are experts in enhancing aesthetics through pruning, crown reduction, thinning, and limbing, promoting optimal growth.

emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Response

We provide round-the-clock availability with a personalized touch to secure and restore your property.

additional services

Swift Storm Cleanup

Having a trustworthy and cost-effective arborist on standby is essential for quick and efficient tree care in emergencies.

additional services

Additional Services

Beyond our core services, we offer residential logging, commercial log processing, and stump grinding services, leaving your property clean and revitalized.

Limback Tree Services

Take immediate action!

Our 24/7 emergency response team is ready to tackle any situation. Call us now for expert assistance – because when it’s urgent, we’re here for you!